Art is at the very heart of Jill Murphy's life.


From her earliest training in textile design, her family life and career ventures in various settings - urban, rural and remote - Jill's unique view of the world has always been intimately expressed in rich and intensely colorful artwork.


There is something of the Bowerbird in Jill. It is in the manner in which she has built her 'nest' - a studio space that spills out into her physical and imaginative realm.


In it she harbors a rich and exotic collection of objects and artifacts from her life's journeys - wood-carvings, basket and glassware, Asian and European furnishings, fabrics, shells, rugs, glassware, masks, dolls and books - a museum of artistic and literary inspiration.  It is world within a world where she has spent a lifetime exploring the meaning of life and celebrating the natural world that surrounds her.


Early landscapes of her beloved Mansfield district capture the alpine chill and the summer heat in her blue and gold-tinted paddocks and mountain vistas.


Her mature works are best expressed in a series of semi-abstract views of her domestic environment in Mansfield. In these paintings the inanimate, spiritual, animal and human are explored in a labyrinth of domestic spaces - laundry, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and garden. The narrative of daily life is dramatized in a full palette of intense color and her 'bird's-eye' views cast a magical quality over the scenes.


There are exotic works inspired by coastal life with indigenous tribes in Arnhem Land in the 1990's. These paintings demonstrate Jill's commandment of color as the primary expressive element in her work and rich textures stemming from textile skills that give the works depth and a primal connection to the natural spirits.


In recent years  Jill's art is a means of interpreting and adapting to the world of Parkinson's disease where her compositions become more abstract and her sense of color intensifies.


Jill's partner Russell makes it possible for Jill to keep experimenting and painting on a daily basis. Russell recognizes the capacity of her deeply ingrained artistic skills as a powerful means to manage pain and stimulate Jill's considerable intellectual and creative talents.